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    Mid-Point clothing created their own lane. They’ve created a product at a reasonable price, while giving you a mixture of art and street culture in their clothing. Devaun, the man behind the designs is rather meticulous when it comes to creating designs for his label.

    This isn’t ADF’s first time collaborating with the brand, if you remember last summer we brought you their first tee. We’re proud of the progression the brand has made and we’re looking forward to future networking.

    Pictured above is the “Destined For Greatness” Crew & Tee. As well as the”Kizzo Lightening Strike” Crew.

    Make a move to their site to catch end of season deals. There’s also a 20% off code available if you like their Facebook page. Tell them ADF sent you.

    Respect to Devaun, Candy & J.Bell.

    Good luck to those entering the contest.



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    Until next time.


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